What we do in Germany

Reduce indoor heat and save on cooling in Germany with SunCooler, a superior alternative to traditional cooling methods.

Explore SunCooler Benefits

Discover how SunCooler enhances indoor climates across Germany. Our insights demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions in providing sun protection, reducing cooling costs, and ensuring a cooler environment.

  • Reduce Cost

    Cut cooling costs across Germany with SunCooler. Our efficient solution minimizes the need for air conditioning, saving energy and money.

  • Protect from the Sun

    Shield your indoor spaces from the intense German sun with SunCooler. Our technology reflects harmful UV rays, keeping your environment comfortable and protected.

  • Create a Cool Environment

    Create a cooler, more productive environment in Germany. SunCooler’s reflective technology ensures your indoor spaces remain pleasant even on the hottest days.

What We Do in Germany

SunCoolers are white, reflective, woven fabric designed to reflect solar heat and protect the space beneath from heat stress. A simple yet effective solution embraced by thousands of customers worldwide. Experience reduced indoor temperatures with SunCoolers in Germany!

What other businesses say about SunCooler

"After installing roof-light windows, we noticed it would get very warm inside. However, with the use of Suncooler, we can keep the sports hall nice and cool while still enjoying the natural daylight."

Wouter Brans

FM Healthclub

Comprehensive Services in Germany

Explore our full range of SunCooler services available throughout Germany. From professional installation to ongoing maintenance, we ensure optimal performance and satisfaction in every climate.

How SunCooler Works

Select and install the ideal SunCooler model with ease in Germany, and quickly experience cooler indoor temperatures and reduced energy costs.

  • Understand SunCoolers

    Learn how SunCoolers use reflective, white, woven fabric to efficiently reduce indoor temperatures and cut cooling costs, all while offering a sustainable solution.

  • Choose the Right Product

    Explore our variety of SunCooler models to find the best fit for your building needs. Our team will help you choose a model that maximizes efficiency and sustainability.

  • Easy Installation

    SunCoolers are designed for easy installation with no difficult alterations required. If needed, our professional installation service ensures quick and correct setup.

  • Enjoy Reduced Temperatures and Costs

    Once installed, SunCoolers start working immediately, reflecting solar heat away from your building and lowering temperatures by up to 9.5°C, leading to significant savings on cooling costs.

Meet the team

Discover the faces behind SunCooler—experts in sustainability and innovation dedicated to providing top-notch, eco-friendly cooling solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common questions about SunCooler products and services. This resource is designed to help you better understand how SunCooler can meet your specific needs and enhance your experience with our solutions.

  • How does SunCooler reduce cooling costs in Germany?

    By reflecting solar heat, SunCooler minimizes the need for air conditioning, reducing energy bills by up to 30%.

  • Is SunCooler environmentally friendly?

    Yes, it’s made from 100% recyclable materials and reduces the need for energy-intensive cooling.

  • How durable is SunCooler in Germany’s climate?

    SunCooler is designed to withstand Germany’s diverse weather, lasting over more than 10 years with proper care.

  • Are there any incentives for using SunCooler in Germany?

    Businesses may find local subsidies or tax incentives for implementing energy-efficient solutions like SunCooler.

  • How quickly can SunCooler be installed?

    Professional installation ensures SunCooler is up and running efficiently, typically within a few hours.

Become a reseller in Germany

Join us as a SunCooler reseller and provide innovative, eco-friendly cooling solutions. Benefit from competitive advantages and support to grow your business in a sustainable market.