Keep the heat out!

And save thousands of euros on energy

The fabric

The SunCooler consists of a white, reflective, woven fabric with minuscule holes. These properties ensure a heat reduction of up to 60-70% on sunny days! A large part of the heat is reflected and the remainder is absorbed. This form of cooling transforms the interior experience from ‘far too warm’ to ‘very pleasant’. The heat reduction saves a fortune in cooling energy costs along with drastically reduced CO2 emissions. However, SunCooler has another, even more pleasant quality; as it only lets 70-80% of bright sunlight through, the resulting diffused ambiance is far more relaxing. Furthermore, SunCooler protects the skylights against exterior influences and dim light due to the long-term impact of UV light.


SunCooler blinds are available in all sizes. Whether it involves three skylights for a boutique hotel or the more than 20,000 m2 of skylights at VDL in Eindhoven. Everything’s possible. Installing SunCooler is a piece of cake; it’s very easy thanks to the attached elastic and clips. Incredibly efficient. Removing it afterwards, is just as quick.

SunCooler; blinds for skylights in all sizes!

SunCooler is going to cool the world!