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SunCooler Leasing.
You stay cool and in control while we handle the rest!

Leasing; benefits, particularly financially

Choosing SunCooler is very easy; it only requires measuring, ordering, receiving and installing. There is, however, an easier option; leasing. A great concept, not only financially but also in terms of practicality. Particularly in the business world. Opt for leasing and let SunCooler handle everything. We measure the skylights and install and maintain the SunCoolers. We then remove the sheets in the autumn, give them a clean and reinstall them in the spring. It’s very convenient and affordably priced: about €1 per m2 per month. So, for a fixed monthly amount it basically looks after itself.

Leasing costs can be quickly recovered

SunCooler is available in all sizes. Whether it involves three skylights for a boutique hotel or the more than 20,000 m2 of skylights at VDL. Sun shining through skylights causes internal temperatures to rise quickly. As a result, the A/C runs at full blast with all the associated energy costs. Leasing SunCooler will pleasantly surprise you. Have a look at the diagram below.

The four columns to the left refer to the volume of a business premises or a house. The X-Factor is about the energy required to comfortably cool a space. Important; it also includes the heat radiated by humans as well as the heat radiated by machines and equipment. Alongside this, are the columns with the energy costs per hour and per 40 days a year. Compare this to the leasing costs and you will see that leasing is indeed a very attractive and economical option.

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SunCooler Leasing. You stay cool and in control while we handle the rest!