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Find out what makes SunCooler stand out in the cooling industry. Our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable practices has set us apart, offering proven solutions that benefit both our customers and the planet.

Our mission

At SunCooler, our mission is to pioneer the advancement of sustainable cooling solutions that significantly reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

We strive to empower businesses and communities worldwide with innovative products that provide superior thermal comfort and performance, supporting a healthier planet for future generations. Through relentless innovation and a commitment to excellence, we aim to lead the shift towards more sustainable practices in the cooling industry.

Who are we?

  • About us

    We make durable covers for skylights or light domes. Our owners, Wouter Eble and Michiel Stokman, have a wealth of experience in this industry. Michiel founded a sail-making company 15 years ago for special covers for boats for summer and winter, where Bootzeil became a household name in the Netherlands. Five years ago, Wouter joined as managing director, leading to extensive innovations and product developments.

  • Product development and Assortment

    Our innovation and product development have led to a diverse range, including garden covers and sunscreens. This is also how Suncooler, a sunshade especially for skylights, came into being. The product proved so successful that several years ago Suncooler B.V. was founded as an independent company. Suncooler B.V. supplies private individuals as well as resellers and retailers, with active resellers in several countries and an ongoing search for new partners throughout Europe.

  • Our Mission and Solutions

    Our motto, "We're going to Cool the World," sums up our mission: reflect sunlight from skylights and skylights to keep spaces cool and save energy. Even if air conditioning is present, our solution helps avoid additional cooling, which is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Suncooler offers solutions for any type of skylight or skylight, from standard sizes for smaller skylights such as in kitchens or garages to complete covers for skylights in industrial halls and shopping centres, ranging from 40 x 40 cm to more than 20,000 m².

Trusted by more than 60 companies and project managers across the globe

"I founded SunCooler to revolutionize how we manage indoor climates, merging innovation with sustainability to significantly lessen our environmental footprint while enhancing comfort."


CEO | Suncooler

Mission and vision



Suncooler delivers!:
safe and healthy working environment
Environmental leadership
High quality products
Customer focus

Suncooler is a safe, environmentally conscious and strategic business partner that delivers quality products quickly, flexibly and reliably. We work together as a team with customers to find the best solution.

Our Values




Customer Focus


At SunCooler, innovation is the cornerstone of our operations. We continually explore and adopt advanced technologies and creative methods to enhance our products. This relentless pursuit of improvement keeps us at the cutting edge of the cooling industry, ensuring that we offer the most effective and efficient solutions available.


Environmental stewardship is fundamental to our mission. We prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our business, from product design to packaging and logistics. Our goal is to minimize environmental impact and promote the use of renewable resources, helping our customers and our communities lead more sustainable lives.


We are committed to excellence in quality, which is reflected in every SunCooler product. Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that each item we sell meets strict standards of performance and durability. This commitment not only satisfies but often exceeds our customers' expectations, leading to products they can depend on for years.

Customer Focus

Our dedication to our customers is unmatched. We strive to deeply understand their needs and challenges, offering personalized services and customized solutions. This customer-centric approach ensures that we not only meet their expectations but provide added value, fostering long-term relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction in every project.

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