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Explore the benefits of SunCooler's eco-friendly solutions, designed to lower energy costs and improve indoor comfort.

  • Custom Made

    Every SunCooler solution is crafted to meet the specific requirements of your space, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration.

  • Reduce cost

    Embrace significant savings with SunCooler’s energy-efficient designs that minimize cooling costs without compromising on comfort.

  • Sustainable

    Choose sustainability with SunCooler. Our products are designed to have a minimal environmental impact, helping you contribute to a greener planet.

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The number one in sustainable heat reduction

SunCooler stands as the industry leader in sustainable heat reduction, offering cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions that effectively lower temperatures and enhance indoor comfort. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability makes us the first choice for businesses seeking to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining optimal climate control.

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Understanding the Product

SunCooler is a white, reflective, woven fabric designed to deflect solar heat and shield interiors from heat stress. This innovative material not only maintains a cooler indoor environment but also minimizes the dependency on air conditioning, leading to energy savings and reduced utility costs.

How the Suncooler Works
  • Reflecting Heat

    The SunCooler fabric is installed over windows or skylights, where it acts as a barrier against solar radiation, reflecting sunlight away before it can heat up the space.

  • Easy Installation

    Installation is straightforward, requiring no permanent modifications to structures. SunCooler can be fitted externally on existing windows or skylights with minimal effort.

  • Immediate Effect

    As soon as SunCooler is installed, you will notice a reduction in indoor temperatures. This decrease can be as much as 9.5°C, which significantly lowers cooling needs and enhances comfort.

  • Durable and Low Maintenance

    Designed for longevity and resilience, SunCooler withstands weather elements without needing frequent replacement or maintenance, ensuring sustained performance year-round.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions about SunCooler? We've got you covered. Below are answers to some of the most common inquiries about our innovative cooling solutions. If you need more information, feel free to reach out to us directly.

  • What is SunCooler?

    SunCooler is a reflective, woven fabric designed to reduce solar heat gain in buildings that is connected to the rooflight streets, lowering indoor temperatures and cutting down on energy costs.

  • How does SunCooler work?

    It works by reflecting solar radiation away from your building, preventing heat buildup and maintaining cooler indoor environments without heavy reliance on air conditioning.

  • Is SunCooler easy to install?

    Yes, our products are designed for easy, DIY installation with minimal tools required. No permanent modifications are needed, making it suitable for various settings.

  • Can SunCooler be used on any type of building?

    Absolutely! SunCooler is versatile and can be effectively used on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings with windowed or skylighted areas.

  • How much can I save on cooling costs with SunCooler?

    Users typically see a reduction in cooling energy expenses by up to 30%, depending on the building’s exposure to sunlight and local climate conditions.

  • Is SunCooler environmentally friendly?

    Yes, our products are made from 100% recyclable materials and designed to reduce overall energy consumption, supporting your sustainability goals.


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